Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Trip To Cologne

A few weeks ago I went over to Cologne for "Eight Days A Week" an exchange between Liverpool and Cologne which are twin cities. The exhibition that I was part of was called Young Blood and was curated by Priya and Caroline of Wolstenholme Creative space here in liverpool. I went over on eurostar through paris and stayed over near the sacre coeur in paris then on to Koln where i stayed with a very nice couple of artists and their small daughter.I was made to feel very at home and found that the city had a lot in common with liverpool. I really recommend train travel in europe its so much more relaxing that dealing with airports and long check-in waiting. you can check out the program and official web page at the link below.

Eight Days a Week Website

Birds And Ladies 2009


This box was from an analogy about atoms, it goes something like If an atom was a church, and the nucleus was the alter the electrons would be like bats flying around in the spaceThis made me think what makes up the space in-between the bats? it also is a kind of remake of a previous picture I printed in 2009.


I made this series of boxed scenes early in the year for the SPECTRUM show at Wolstenholme Creative Space Liverpool, and then took them on to be shown at HERE THERE EVERYWHERE in Sheffield. I made my first diorama several years’ back which I wasn't too pleased with, it was kind of a holiday box to look into and imagine you too are there, it sits on a shelf above my desk now. I have always been fond of the categorising and organising thoughts and feelings and I like to look up at tower blocks glowing against the night sky with many situations and relations happening alongside each other in one divided cube, its kind of absurd and a little surreal.

l'sol tace (where the sun is silent)

These boxes are scenes or dioramas inspired by Dante's inferno part one. To me they represent an a reverse attitude toward god or seeking out a divine purpose - they are about moving away from archaic and illogical explanations and toward a sense of true freedom to live without judgment, by our own morality and are own mistakes. I have been working through this idea for some time but this is just the beginning of a series I intend to continue based around this concept - my starting point is loosely followed but my aim is not intended to be considered to seriously, make of it what you will draw your own conclusions.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Here There Everywhere

I was invited to be part of an exhibition in Sheffield England last weekend, it was in a disused ex office buildings and still had all the 80s/90s decor. i just transfered all the work from my previous show at wolstenholme creative space in liverpool which ran during liverpool art month for three weeks. i unfortunatly didn't take photos of the work at the (SPECTRUM)show as it was a bit of a busy time for me and besides i only just got this camera. The spectrum show featured 15 artists that work in all manner of medium over three weeks- five artist per week like a rota/ swap around system. my work was in week 2, and you can take a video tour around the whole 3 weeks...

some egg cups

these are some ceramic egg cups made on the wheel from teracotta clay and then i drew into some slip i dipped them into and hand painted them too, someday i will learn to use porcalin and be able to make them more delicate. see here also ghost girl and a couple of bowls made last year.i do like the colours on these though. i orgianaly began using clay again to model some bears this became addictive in a way and i made 11 in total i will photo them and put them up soon.

Monday, 30 July 2012

egg cups

egg cups

on my biff day this year the day you always feel like a bit of a biff we all went to see american werewolf in london which actually came out the year i was born, i then made some egg cups (why egg cups?why not?)with warewolves drawn on also some other themed ones ghost girl, some ladies and a whale, oh yeah and boobs.

IPCNY 2012 S/S new prints show

hello all new and already existing friends i have been absent from making new posts for a while now but i intend to add all my work from this last year and keep this thing up and running, alongside that i will be making a new web site for professional work to be viewed like a portpholio. all the family are here and there are even some new members i will update the photo promtly. here are some screen prints i did 2011-2012 i submitted them to the International Print Centre New York City for the spring-summer 2012 show which i managed to get Femomelanin#2 chosen, its the one with all the nude or semi nude red haired women you may notice they are unwaxed. the show opened 24th may and ran until 27th july, i was extremely fortunate to have been able to exhibit alongside printmakers from all over the world, the standard of work was excellent and there was a diverse mix of styles and techniques.

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