Monday, 30 July 2012

hello all new and already existing friends i have been absent from making new posts for a while now but i intend to add all my work from this last year and keep this thing up and running, alongside that i will be making a new web site for professional work to be viewed like a portpholio. all the family are here and there are even some new members i will update the photo promtly. here are some screen prints i did 2011-2012 i submitted them to the International Print Centre New York City for the spring-summer 2012 show which i managed to get Femomelanin#2 chosen, its the one with all the nude or semi nude red haired women you may notice they are unwaxed. the show opened 24th may and ran until 27th july, i was extremely fortunate to have been able to exhibit alongside printmakers from all over the world, the standard of work was excellent and there was a diverse mix of styles and techniques.